Thank you for your inquiry regarding our COVID-19 test.

Eurofins Modern Genomic services is one of the COVID-19 testing laboratories recognized by Hong Kong SAR Government.

Test Cost and Procedure

Basic Test Cost:
$600 - Same day (Report time is same day 6pm)
$500 - Next day services (Report time is next day 11am)
$1000 - Express services (Report time is 4 hours)

Fit-to-Fly Certificate: $200

Sample Collection (swabbing):
+$600/3 client (On-site / Urban District)
+$180 (Lai Chi Kok)

Courier cost: $250 (Delivery/Pickup of Sample)

***For remote locations and districts, surcharge might be incurred and will be advised upon the receipt of address details.

Purchase Notes

  • Once confirmed the testing date and test fee, please register in the below web site. When the registration is completed, the system will automatically generate an application no and please advise us the no for verification.

COVID-19 Test Requisition Form

  • Upon the receipt of all above information, a quotation with test cost will be sent out through email or Whatsapp which  provide our bank information (MODERN GENOMIC SERVICES LIMITED) for payment.
  • Once settled payment, please send us the payment receipt for confirming the payment is successful.

Dispatch of clean kits and specimen submission form

  • For client who purchased our package, we will send out clean kits and Specimen submission form to client. Delivery of goods may take 1-2days
  • We suggest client provide commercial address that could shorten the delivery time half day earlier.
  • *** For remote locations and districts, surcharge might be occurred and will be advised upon the receipt of address details.

Doctor consultation/Referral letter

  • For client who needs consultation, doctor details would be provided after payment is confirmed, so that client can contact doctor for video consultation.

Courier pick up of specimen sample

  • For client who orders our package, we will arrange courier pick up between 8:00am-10:30am based on the test date/address provided by the client.
  • On test date, please follow the manual to collect your deep throat salvia (after you wake up from a night’s sleep. No smoking, brushing teeth, or food/liquid consumption before collecting your sample), and pass our courier together with the specimen submission form.
  • If there are any changes on sample collection date, please inform us 24hours before pick up time. Delay of information may cost extra courier cost, which need to be charged back to client.
  • If client choose to drop off sample by themselves, it must be delivered to our lab on/before 11am, otherwise will induce to the delay of the test date.

Test Report

  • For negative report, we will send out report by email (client need to print out in color copy).
  • If you need to collect hard copy from our LAB, please inform us one day before test. Patient shall come to Modern Genomic Services Limited for report collection if an official original report is requested.
  • Should you authorize a nominee to collect an official original report on your behalf, he/she shall be required to present the following documents:

1. Authorization letter

2. Your ID card/travel document copy

3. Nominee’s ID card/travel document

  • Should the nominee fail to present all of the above documents, according to <The Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance> (Chapter 486), we shall reserve the right to reject the nominee to collect the report.
  • For positive report, our company will directly notify the Department of Health in accordance with statutory requirements.


  • Our working hour is Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm (excluding Sunday and Public Holiday), specimen sample collection cut off time is 11am.
  • We normally use deep throat salvia sample which collected by client themselves.
  • For children or patients who are not able to collect deep throat salvia themselves, throat/Nasal swap which collected by Trained Personnel are preferred.
  • After confirming the booking, we will not accept any refund. We are not responsible to any direct/ indirect loss.
  • When there have Typhoon and black rain signal, may affect test lead time.